Kringle ETC

Made in Racine for serving Danish Kringle, 
Wisconsin's official pastry

History of Kringle ETC: I designed and developed the Kringle Platter with gift giving in mind. “Send a Racine Kringle, and Kringle Platters for all those on my Christmas list.” I purchased a Kringle and brought it to a wood worker who used it as a template to cut the first oval shaped platter. The Kringle Platter was launched. I thought, “If it worked for gifts for my family maybe it would for others as well”. I was right! The wooden Kringle Platter, with a variety of designs, has had modest sales in Racine through two bakeries and at a few gift shops. Custom designed Kringle Platters have been made exclusively for Racine bakeries and businesses. The Kringle was recently designated as the Official State Pastry of Wisconsin. 

Kringles from Racine

Kringle is a Danish pastry, with a long tradition in Racine, Wisconsin.  Often oval in shape, the ulti-layer delight comes in a variety of flavors.  Originally brought to Racine by Danish bakers in 1899, they are now as the official pastry of the State of Wisconsin.

The Kringle-Etc  hardwood serving platter was designed for serving the unique oval shape. Made in the Midwest , they are hand-rubbed with food-safe wood oil.  The platters are offered with and without center design. Custom design and wholesale purchases are available.  

Kringle Kutters, were deigned to cut the frosting covered pastry, offering a perfect cut into the Kringle each time. They are made of the same quality hardwood and a great companion to the Kringle Platter.